Generically Bloated

Rust generics are great, but they can bloat the final code, and have negative effects on compile times. This post discusses a "trick" to help fight those effects.

Network Coordinates and Vivaldi

Imagine you have a distributed system and need to answer a question such as, "Which node is closest to Node X?" or perhaps "Which N nodes are closest to Node Y?"

It turns out answering this question naively is wildly wasteful.

We'll dig in to an efficient solution to this problem correctly using a popular Network Coordinates system.

strace with Navi

Diving into navi as an interactive command builder, and using strace as a demo for concise cheat sheet!

CLI Shell Completions in Rust

Taking a look at adding shell completions to CLI programs using Rust.

In this post we add shell completions to the XKCD CLI utility we made earlier. We'll show how easy it is to support multiple shells, and generate the completions both at compile time and/or run time.