I'm a born and raised Texan, living in the Washington DC metroplex. That sounds like the pitch for a TV sitcom, but it's my life. Practically speaking, it means I usually have some sort of Dallas Cowboys paraphernalia nearby, or can be caught uttering phrases like, "Y'all'd've done better if you tried harder." Allow me to translate that gramatical massacre: y'all'd've -> you all would have. I'm truly sorry, but this is real. I also have to navigate epic levels of highway traffic on the daily.

I work on a variety of projects, both professionally and personally. I love programming in Rust and any sort of mental challange. Another pasion of mine is teaching. I typically teach courses related to Linux and Programming (Rust or Python), but have also taught courses in Digital Identity Management.

Over the years I've programmed in Rust, Python, C#.NET, and dabbled in Go.

If you catch me away from a computer I'm either lifting weights, trying to beat personal bests, or skydiving. Fun fact, my github profile picture is me in a skydiving helmet about to jump, not a motorcycle helmet like many think.

It should go without saying, but all thoughts on this site are my own and not that of my employers or anyone else.

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