This site represents something I've been meaning to do quite some time; write out my thoughts on various subjects. I plan on writing about my work in Rust, most likely on projects like clap, but also some personal thoughts on the happenings of the greater tech industry.

I suspect some of my thoughts may be controversial, others may be ridiculous in hindsight, but getting these thoughts off my chest is something I need to do.

I've been wanting to get clap v3 released for what feels like eternity (probably about a year), but each time I sit down to write some code I'll find myself wandering through various issues in my mind distracting me from the code at hand. This writing can be my therapy. Get these thoughts off my mind, like a house cleaning that allows me to focus on tasks that matter.

Part of what I'd like to write about is ideas for clap or the larger Rust ecosystem. Sometimes it's just me working through ideas in my mind. By writing out my thoughts I can better articulate what I want to change, and hopefully find a better way.

Let's see how this goes...