In an attempt to get more words on paper I'm going to attempt to microblog.

I have a tendency to want to write very detailed and long winded blog entries. Unfortunately, these types of blog posts take a large amount of time. If you've followed my open source development over the past two years the theme has been that my time is becoming increasingly limited.

Part of this is due to my wife and I having our first child, my changing of jobs to far more demanding role, and recently discovering that my wife is pregnant again. All of these things combine to essentially give me around an hour per day to do with as I wish, be it code on Open Source or blog.

Blogging helps me get some opinions out of my head, work through some ideas for various projects, etc. So instead of endlessly trying to write out a three hour read super blog, I'll attempt to get a few paragraphs out on subject and potentially chain several of these into a few mini-series.

Wish me luck!