CLI Structure in Rust

How should one structure their CLI programs? I've seen this question a few times, and over the years I've come up with some patterns that I really like. This post explores the variations of these patterns and trade-offs between them.

Generically Bloated

Rust generics are great, but they can bloat the final code, and have negative effects on compile times. This post discusses a "trick" to help fight those effects.

Network Coordinates and Vivaldi

Imagine you have a distributed system and need to answer a question such as, "Which node is closest to Node X?" or perhaps "Which N nodes are closest to Node Y?"

It turns out answering this question naively is wildly wasteful.

We'll dig in to an efficient solution to this problem correctly using a popular Network Coordinates system.

strace with Navi

Diving into navi as an interactive command builder, and using strace as a demo for concise cheat sheet!